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404 5th Street

Geddes, SD 57342


fax (605) 337-3296


South Dakota Hunting Lodge Rates - Newly Remodeled

Room Rates

$100 - $150 * a night per person
                                       *tax not included

To book your rooms call: 605-337-3296 or

or Request A Date now!

Ask for Joel Vasek "The Walleye Tamer"

We just doubled the size of our lodge and have added a lot of nice features, come on back and visit us. We went above and beyond anyone's expectations with this facility, and I know you won't be disappointed.

To ensure your contact with the outside world, we have a miniature cell tower booster to make sure there are no dropped calls. A fax machine is also available for use if needed. Washer and dryer are also available for your convenience if the need should arise.