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Prairie Chicken Hunting Guided Trips

Prairie chicken hunts are much like pheasant hunts, except a lot more walking. Some days can be a challenge like no other, but that's what makes prairie chicken hunts, offered by South Dakota Outfitters Unlimited, what I consider to be one of the single greatest upland hunts of our generation.

South Dakota boasts a wild bird population of over 11 million pheasants, compared to the 250,000 chickens in our state. These stats make for a really great, intense hunt. With long shots featuring big flushes of 25 to 200 birds at one time, prairie chicken hunts with us are a real eye opener, for sure!
Over the past ten years, South Dakota Outfitters Unlimited has made it a point to seek out the best chicken areas in the Midwest.

This is a bucket-list trip! If you're an upland bird hunter, this is must have on your belt. And boy, do we have the places with chickens!

If you're tired of the same old hunt, give me a call at 605-680-3877. With leases all over South Dakota, I assure you, we'll make your hunt a great one. Joel Vasek

Season runs from the 3rd Saturday in September until the 1st weekend in January

Prairie Chicken Hunting Package Deals

  • 2 Day Hunting - Cost* $2,350.00 per gun
  • 3 Day Hunting - Cost* $2,650.00 per gun
  • Lodging & Meals
  • Top hunting guides
  • Transportation during hunt

    *8% tax not included