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Perch Ice Fishing Trips

The South Dakota Outfitters Unlimited Perch Patrol is a collection of some of the best South Dakota open-water and hard-water fishermen in the state.

The team locates walleye under the ice on the Missouri River daily. As well as on many of the best Perch lakes in the northeastern part of South Dakota.

A South Dakota fishing license is required.  Visit the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks to get your license for the big trip!

From run-and-gun perch fishing to stalking walleyes on secret hideaways, Perch Patrol knows how to find and hook fish, as well as entertain clients.
Perch Ice fishing wiht SDOU Perch Patrol team No other guide service in South Dakota looks for walleye and perch harder than SDOU. So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

Lodging for all package deal trips will be provided by Missouri River Lodge LLC.
Ice Fishing Packages

Rate: $300.00 per person, per day
             minimum of 3 people for 2 days
                *8% tax not included
  • Cash/Personal Check are preferred payment
  • Visa, Mastercard & Discover are also accepted, a *5% CC fee is added to transaction

    Packages Include:
  • 8 hour days
  • Ride with guide (Transportation to and from locations)
  • Heated, portable, three-man fish houses
  • All holes drilled for you
  • All bait, minnows, and wax worms
  • Fish cleaned and packaged
  • We provide top-of-the-line equipment for our clients
       If you do want to bring your own, please consider:
        - For perch 4lb. test and panfish jigs
        - For walleye 6lb. test, #3 jiggen raps, or Small jigs
  • Photos of your great trip

    Things to bring:
  • Lunch and beverages for your trip
  • Winter Clothing
  • You will be comfortable in our portable huts, but you will still be outside when moving and relocating. It's a must to bring the following along with you:
          Warm boots and a Good winter hat
          Qualtiy fishing gloves and Snowsuit
    For day ice fishing trips, it would be best to consider lodging closer to the perch ice-fishing grounds:

    Arlington, South Dakota
    Arlington Inn: (605)983-4609
    Pheasant Motel: (605)983-9927

    De Smet, South Dakota
    Super Delux Inn: (605)854-9388
    Cottage Inn Motel: (605)854-3396